Bali Challenge 2011 Day 2

Yesterdat was very difficult to sleep. My elbow was painful and each movement in my bed was a nightmare, waking me up several times during the night.

It made, my illness and my tireness harder than the previous days, the last hours at work where really tought. When I came back home, I felt very well when my body touched the soft mattress. I didnt sleep, but I dreamt a few hours even if i was asleep. Surfing again in mind. This time talking with Albino about, past, present and future waves, beaches, trips… whatever that the life present us, just to share our hobbies, feelings and dreams.

Yesterday, I had planned that today it would be good to begin some specific exercices in the swimmingpool, maybe it is too early to go with my board, and I like in my previous condo, it is going to be so funny to see other people face, thinking that I am crazy to go with my boguie board inside a pool in Singapore!

Anyway it doesnt matter, I forgot my fins today, so I did 40 laps at the pool. Tomorrow, I will have a different trainnig, because I have Muay Thai lessons, so it is not me who programme the performace.

Next time that i train in the swimmingpool I will do 20 specific paddeling wih fins and 20 normal laps.

Today afer swim, I did 20 dominals bars, and Yoga for one hour. I am pretty tired, but really happy that my elbow is not giving problems with my exercices.

Here I am going to upload one of my favourites mantras from Spotify Mul Mantra

28 Days to the Challenge! From Singapore, planning not only my Bali trip but also my summer to Europe.

With love and devotion. Diego Santos 23 March 2011


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